Which room intrigues you most? The clock is ticking...

Oriental Odyssey

Can you uncover the hidden identity of China's most notorious frustrater?


One of your undercover inspectors has gone missing in the hunt for the country's worst serial killer. Can you find her before it's too late?


Can you break in, solve the clues and find the ingredients? Not only do you need to escape before the police arrive but leave enough time for your party to make 2 cocktails each to enjoy with your freedom.

To The Dogs

Are you to be Cleethorpes next victim in the seafront's worst B&B ever?

Operation Gem Heist

Find treasure, secret rooms, conquer the leader board


Our all-year Halloween room. Are you brave enough to complete this haunted experience?

Who Can Play?

Friends & Families

It is a great social and bonding experience for everyone. Most rooms cater for between 2 and 6 players, however, checkout the descriptions of the individual rooms for more details. Couples, mates, families, all are welcome. There is plenty of parking on the main road and a bar inside to share your experiences after the challenge.


If you’re planning a trip to Cleethorpes please feel free to give us a try. Watch the kids try and escape for an hour while you have a well-earned coffee or join the kids – why should they have all the fun. Not traveling by car? Don’t worry – let us know where you are staying and we can arrange to get you here in time and get you back to your accommodation safely.


We can cater for parties, with a fully licensed bar, enjoy a drink after your escape experience. You can compete against another team, even book two sessions and we can arrange a leader board to get your competitive juices flowing. With less than a 10 minutes walk to the bars and restaurants of Cleethorpes let the party continue into the night.
We have linked with some great restaurants, spas and bars to arrange some great packages for hen parties, stag parties, corporate functions and any other celebration going. DETAILS COMING SOON!


What a bonding and team building opportunity this could be. Compete in teams, departments, random selections – the possibilities are endless. Book a range of rooms, book the night, we can tailor many packages to suit. We can include drinks packages if need be and arrange transport. Please call and we can arrange a great night for you.

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459 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 8AJ

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Frequently Asked Questions

ALMOST ANYONE! If you are up for the challenge, we welcome you here. Some rooms wouldn’t be suitable for small children and people with mobility issues, but please contact us and discuss your requirements and we can see if arrangements can be made.

Some rooms have low lighting and atmospheric music. The Undercover room definitely has aspects that would make some people jump – if you are fainthearted or don’t like a scare please let us know and we can tone some of the thrills down – please remember it all is done for fun, so you are always perfectly safe.

The rooms are designed to be challenging, however, if you are obviously stumped or going off on a tangent we can always offer clues. We want you enjoy the experience so we would never leave you clueless for long periods of time. Some people relish the challenge and prefer no clues at all. Speak to the member of staff running your game and everything can be tailored to suit – just don’t expect an easy ride.

Everything is designed to be as safe as possible, you are also given a short health and safety brief before you enter the room. For example, there are no requirements to pull electrical wires from walls, stand on furniture or leap over great distances. Again, we want your experience to be a great one, so your safety is important to us.

No, never. Whether, you are a group of 2 or a party of 6, you will only enjoy the escape room experience with the people you have booked in your party.

If you need to leave the room for whatever reason it is not a problem. The term ‘locked in’ is for the purposes of the game – you are welcome to leave whenever you want.

There is no dress code, we would advise comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet We have lockers so feel free to bring your heels to get changed into. If going on partying feel free to leave anything behind and collect the next day – just be sure to let us know so we can lock your items away safe.

No. Anything you need will be provided, all we ask is you bring your wits and sense of fun.

Unfortunately no, for the benefit of all future customers we don’t want any secrets of the rooms to be exposed on Facebook, we want everybody’s experience to be unique not second hand. There will be photo opportunities in certain areas which can be displayed on social media showing whether you escaped successfully or not. All phones and valuables can be locked in lockers provided.

Sorry, no. We are not registered child minders and would need you there if there were any issues. We have a comfortable area for you to have a coffee or something stronger and you can even watch them on a TV monitor (but we don’t tell the kids that so you can tease them later).